Our signature product line REVERSE™ focuses on the art of not growing old gracefully.  Aging is something that you cannot run from.  Most people say to age gracefully, accept the inevitable and wrinkle, grey and grow old.  But it does not have to be this way.  The fact is how you look really does matter.  Whether you want to appear vital and younger to maintain your rank in the workplace or attract a partner or whatever it may be, you should not look your age.  Looking good translates to you feeling good about yourself.  You need to start taking care of your skin now.  It is not going to do it for you without you doing something about it.  Bad things do happen to skin through the years.  Don’t bring it on yourself by doing nothing today.  Prepare for the future by doing something now.

gear-shift-knobREVERSE™ is more than just a product line, it is a philosophy, way of life and a movement rolled up into one.  The target audiences are men who are Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y…but can apply to anyone who wants to be a Man.  The passion behind REVERSE™ is to provide a product line that redefines the way men look at skin and hair care, and turns it into something that is not feminine and immature, but something that most men can relate to and be proud of.



That is why the REVERSE™ line of products are focused on “Muscle Cars” – those high performance 2-door American made cars that crammed an insane amount of horsepower under a hood to enable an exhilarating drive of a life time.  Each product name is part of the restoration process used to restore a muscle car to how it used to be in its prime – a power house…a force to be reckoned with.  Most all men can relate to a muscle car, through owning them, driving them or lusting after them.  This brings the much needed connection between who men are and what they can relate to.