Primer™ – Organic Shaving Oil


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PRIMER™ – Organic Shaving Gel

Shaving is all about lubrication.  The better the lubrication, the less likely things will go wrong like nicks, cuts and razor burn.  Primer has been developed using a combination of organic essential oils such as black pepper and juniper berry mixed in an organic carrier oil that will help any razor glide on your skin.  Only a small amount is needed to provide big results.  Primer™ is designed to be used as the first step in obtaining a successful shave and to be used in conjunction with Clear Coat™ shaving gel. It is the foundation that starts a great shaving process.

Directions:  Wash face thoroughly with warm water using Detailer™> or Sandblaster™ facial cleaning products.  Apply a dime size amount in palm of one hand and rub hands together.  Apply to shaving area with both hands.  Promptly apply Clear Coat™ shaving gel afterwards.

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