Finishing Polish™ – Anti aging Serum


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FINISHING POLISH™ – Anti-Aging Serum

Designed to get you through the day looking good and protecting you from the harsh environment of life, Finishing Polish™ is a highly powerful anti-aging serum that offers maximum protection to your skin while moisturizing and reversing anti-aging signs.  Comprised of a unique combination of organic essential oils such as Frankenscence, Myrrh and Geranium in a highly potent organic base oil, Finishing Polish™ penetrates and absorbs into the skin quickly while rejuvenating skin cell growth to drive you towards that younger look.  Finishing Polish™ also has a slight brown tint, adding even more to a youthful look.  It is the final step, that last polish or buff, that will make you look good and carry you through the day and protect your skin.

Directions:  Wash face thoroughly with warm water using Detailer™ or Sandblaster™ facial cleaning products, or after shaving once your face is rinsed and cleaned thoroughly.  Shake well before using.  Apply a dime size amount in your hands and apply to your face generously covering all areas.  Focus heavily on wrinkle areas and dry spots.  Rub thoroughly into the skin.  Keep out of contact with your eyes.

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