Body Putty™ – Organic Body Lotion


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BODY PUTTY™ – Organic Body Lotion

Fill in those dry skin cracks and smooth out your body.  Body Putty™ is a unique thick organic based lotion that is infused with essential oils such as Spearmint and Lemon to absorb into your skin and help heal dry areas and rejuvenate your skin.  Just like restoring a muscle car, Body Putty™ fills in those damaged areas nicely giving you the strong solid look you need.

Directions:  Mix product in container before each use.  Apply generously at any time of the day to all areas of the body, especially in very dry and exposed areas.  Ensure the Body Putty™ is rubbed into the skin thoroughly, as it contains vital essential oils that need to penetrate the skin to provide healing and anti-aging benefits.

Weight 4 oz